How did I get into music teaching?

We are surrounded by music. When I was growing up I heard a radio playing in my mum's kitchen so I got to hear a lot of songs from pop to classical. My dad played a little bit of trumpet and the accordion. I used to belong to the scouts group back in Poland where are grew up where we had this group of kids singing and dancing. The teacher who run the group was a young, cool vibrant guy who enjoyed passing on the energy of music to others. He played a keyboard, used automate accompaniments and played songs we all knew as well some of his compositions. I loved watching him and asking him to show me a few chords and melodies. I got hooked quickly and asked my dad for a keyboard like that. I am lucky to have super supportive parents made it possible for me to be able to do what I was passionate about. After playing for a few months the teacher heard me and asked if I could play for the group. I felt honoured and very excited to be the 'main' person - it gave me the boost and confidence which I didn't find in any other places.

That was the real start and I am yet to go back and say thank you to the teacher who first inspired me. I know he is still teaching at the same primary school in a small village in Poland inspiring small kids. I think there is something absolutely important to have a passion in life and find something you really love. I feel blessed I have found it and I am able to pass on my passion about music making and inspire young kids who are overloaded with school work and pressures of modern living. I passionate about opening the door to something new, something calming, the place where you can be truly be yourself and find a little corner of peace. For me it is music, it is sitting at the piano and forgetting about all of the everyday very often unimportant things. I was lucky to discover it at the early age and it is my absolute mission to give an opportunity to as many children as possible to discover it.

Me on the right with my older brother Rafal and my dad who always supported me and believed in me