It is important to get used to a real feel of an acoustic piano. At Pianobeats classes we use Casio CDP-S100.  Here is the list of the pianos we would recommend.

New Digital Pianos for Sale

Digital pianos are ideal as they have 88 weighted keys which emulate the feeling and the sound an acoustic piano. There is no tuning required and the pianos last for a long time. On a higher models you can easily go up to grade 8. Here is the list of the pianos we would recommend.

Second Hand Pianos for Sale

Coming Soon!

Digital Pianos for Hire 

A great idea if your child has just started lessons and you are not sure if they are going to continue long term. You can hire for a few months and return anytime you wish. Check available stock:

Budget Keyboards for Sale

In case you don't want to spend to much money on a digital piano another option is to buy a keyboard until you see your child's interest is clear. It will last for a year or so however if you are thinking long term it is better to invest in a proper digital piano.