We have made payments easy with our monthly plan

Group lessons          £45.99 p/m          £39.99 p/m

Partner lessons        £49.99 p/m          £45.99 p/m

Individual lessons    Please contact us for the price list 

Online Lessons        Please contact us for the price list 

The payment is set up once and it is done. 

The same amount is paid each month regardless of the number of lessons taught in a term. It is a flat rate and relatively low monthly cost as the payments are spread out over 12 months ( 38 lessons ).

 Set up a standing order and you're done! No reminders, forgotten payments or surprising high bills at the end of term.


Once the direct debit has been set up we will take an additional one off fee of £20 which covers the set up fee as well as the cost of your starter pack which includes:

A Pianobeats book bag, piano primer book, pencil and theory handouts

first child                 sibling discount 


If for any reason you would like to cancel lessons we require one month of paid notice


07888 677 214

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